100 years Oskar Karla

Vienna 1920. After almost 500 years the Austrian monarchy had just come to an end. Everything was possible if you had the right idea at the right time: The perfect playground for adventurous and bold entrepreneurs. One of them was Oskar Karla, who sniffed his chance and specialised in the manufacturing of atomizers for perfume. His products were an immediate success. Word soon spread. The company became bigger, the range wider, the clientele international. Today, a 100 years later, our family business is successfully managed by the third generation. The long experience and the well appreciated quality of our products has led OSKAR KARLA to a world-renowned reputation. Our company exports worldwide.

perfect packaging for your autumn fragrances

We offer a complete range of gift items: More than 3.000 perfume sprays, purse atomizers made out of glass or metal, fragrance bottles and accessories. But we at OSKAR KARLA are also dedicated to fulfill the special needs of the perfume manufacturing industry: Our fully automated manufactured glass bottles – with very reasonably priced pumps and caps, by the way – are designed to meet every customers individual taste. Silk-screening, lacquering, hot stamping, individual packaging … The sky is the limit when it comes to creative possibilities. Just contact us – and we’ll find a way to make your imagination come to life.


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